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How are electric bicycles better than bicycles?

Electric bicycles vs bicycles
Electric Bicycles



The electric cycle market has been on a roll over the past few years, and India is no exception to this trend. In 2021, the electric cycle market in India reached a record high of 1.5 lac units and it is anticipated to grow swiftly. Electric bicycles have become increasingly popular across India. However, what makes them so popular? What advantages do they offer over traditional bicycles? Let’s dive in to find out.



The electric bicycle looks just like a traditional bicycle but is equipped with an electrical drive system that includes a battery that powers the motor, which provides optional motor power as you pedal and move the bicycle forward. The brakes function in the same manner. This system not only helps you to ride with ease, but it also provides an efficient mode of transportation that is eco-friendly.



The maintenance of an electric bicycle and a conventional bicycle are very similar. You can take them to the same local shop for maintenance, and the maintenance cost is also similar. However, if the motorized components of your electric cycle need repair, you need to consult an e-cycle specialist to examine or replace the constituent elements for you. However, these situations are rare, and because most electric cycles come with a warranty, the repairs are generally taken care of.


Cycling experience

The most important differentiator between an electric bicycle and a traditional bicycle is the cycling experience. Electric bicycles offer an altogether different experience compared to conventional bicycles. When you start pedaling your electric bicycle, the motor automatically turns on, aiding you while pedaling. It eventually reduces your efforts and saves energy, whereas traditional bicycles require pedaling with all the effort. The transition to motor power is so smooth that you barely notice it. Through the input buttons provided on the handlebar, you can adjust the pedal assistance level. The more you increase it, the less you need to pedal and easily gain a higher speed, and the more you decrease it, the harder you need to pedal.



The speed achieved on an electric cycle may depend on how fast the rider rides, however because of the optional motor power, an electric bicycle can be accelerated up to 25 km/h, while a traditional bicycle averages 10 to 20 km/h. Using an electric bicycle, you can effortlessly gain higher speed, which makes it an ideal mode of transportation for medium to long distances.



Just like any other vehicle, certain rules need to be followed when it comes to riding a bicycle, whether electric or not. Certain governmental regulations need to be followed, such as helmet use or age limits. Speed limitations are also set by the government, so it’s essential to check with your local government body for specific rules. The government encourages the use of electric vehicles as they are eco-friendly and can contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

In conclusion, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in India, and it’s easy to see why. They provide an efficient mode of transportation that is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and offers an altogether different cycling experience than traditional bicycles. It’s a great way to commute longer distances with ease, making your life super-easy and convenient. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation that saves energy and money, an electric bicycle is an excellent option to consider.

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