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Top 5 Best Electric Cycle Conversion Kits Available in India

Which is the best electric cycle conversion kit

Electric bicycle conversion kits are an amazing option for anyone who already owns a good bicycle and wants to upgrade to electric without shelling out the money for a completely new bicycle. E-bike conversion kits in the Indian market range from extremely basic 24V DC motor kits to really advanced mid-motor kits with LCD digital displays. In this article, we will take you through the whole range of available options and also recommend the best electric cycle conversion kit for your own needs. So lets get started.

5. 24V Direct Current Motor Kit

The most inexpensive kit available in the market today is the 24V PMDC motor kit. This kit is perfect for anyone willing to compromise on quality and performance in the interest of saving money. It comes with a motor, throttle, pedal assist sensor, cut-off brake levers, motor control unit, non-waterproof connectors, and all the different mechanical parts needed to make the conversion. The only advantage that this kit offers is that it upgrades your bicycle to electric without breaking bank. In doing so, the kit fails to do little more than pick its riders weight on a flat road.

The installation itself has you jumping through multiple hoops and a professional may charge you as much as INR 3,000 for the job (they may not even have all the tools needed at hand).

The usage of the kit itself comes with multiple restrictions on the conditions in which it can be driven. It is absolutely not weather proof, starts being noisy in dusty conditions, and multiple installed mechanical parts leads to higher maintenance requirements.

Due to the laws of physics itself, this motor type can never draw high range from a battery pack. Our advice is to pair this kit with a cheap lead acid battery to run easy errands in your locality. Make sure to buy the appropriate charger for it.

This is the best electric cycle conversion kit for anyone looking to do very simple tasks in their own locality which is largely flat with good roads. Anything more than this and the setup might struggle to keep up.

The 24V DC motor conversion kit is available from Geekay, Alter, Myinnovation, Motorkit, and many more. Find an offer that suits you most.

4. 36V Brushless Direct Current Hub Motor Basic Kit

The most basic e-cycle conversion kit that is also respectable and can get you around with at least a 40 kg load is the 36V BLDC Hub Motor conversion kit. It comes with a 36V 250W BLDC Motor, a motor control unit (but not a box to hold it), a throttle with integrated display showing battery level, single level PAS, and cut-off brake levers. A light and horn along with its switch may or may not be included. Battery and charger are usually sold separately but its up to you to purchase the hard hailong battery case or a soft, inexpensive fabric battery cover.

Advantages of this conversion kit is that it offers all the basic features of an electric bicycle at a reasonable price. The disadvantage is that it misses out on a few essential components that are required for a successful conversion and expects their customers to procure the rest of the items on their own. The connectors are not weather proof either, restricting your usage of the e-bicycle during dry conditions only.

The installation is still complicated with the need for replacing the rear wheel hub with the motor, attaching multiple components to the bicycle, making all connections and then ensuring that everything fits on your bicycle properly. Steps to make this conversion can be found in our other article here.

If you’re looking to convert your bicycle to electric, not to improve your cycling experience but for practical reasons such as running errands without pinching your pocket, this may be the best electric cycle conversion kit for you. The kit is available to buy from Geekay, Alter, Kewl Motors, Synergy, and many more companies. Explore the market to find the best possible price.

3. 36V Brushless Direct Current Hub Motor Premium Conversion Kit

This conversion kit is almost exactly as the 36V BLDC Motor basic kit but comes with additional features such as an LED display that also contains controls to set the pedal assist level. The kit comes with a 3 or 5 level pedal assist, allowing you to choose your energy consumption and accordingly extend range. The only additional component that you may find in this kit is the display with pedal assist level control. Waterproof connector options are also available for riders who want to go out without having to worry about the weather.

Installation difficulty for this kit is also high and needs to be carried out by a professional for all the various wire connections that need to be made.

If you’re looking to enhance your riding experience but do not mind spending the time and inconvenience that comes with the conversion, this might be the best electric cycle conversion kit for you. The 36V BLDC Hub Motor Premium Kit is available on offer from Geekay, Alter, Kewl Motors, NAKS, etc. Compare prices before making a purchase decision.

2. 36V Brushless Direct Current Mid-Motor Conversion Kit

In-terms of performance, this is the best electric cycle conversion kit available in the market. It replaces the pedal shaft in the bottom bracket of the bicycle with an electric motor which provides rotation at the pedal instead of at the rear wheel. By doing so it completely utilizes the gear multiplier between the driven and driving sprocket. The controller and pedal assist sensor as well are integrated inside, reducing components from the whole conversion. All the standard parts of an e-bicycle such as the throttle and cut-off brake levers are included.

Professional help is surely needed for the installation and you can expect to spend more money there as well.

If you’re an ardent mountain biker taking your bicycle through the harshest of trails and require the additional torque multiplication even at a higher cost, the mid-motor conversion kit may be the best for you. The kit is on offer by Kewl Motors and TAV.

1. PedalX PowerUp! Brushless Direct Current Rear Hub Motor Conversion Kit

The ebike conversion kit being offered by PedalX is arguably the best electric cycle conversion kit in the Indian market. It houses the battery, motor control unit, a basic display and the headlight in a single compact hard case pack that sits on the handlebar of the bicycle. The battery pack is detachable making it convenient to charge at home. The integrated headlight is sure to draw attention when you take your upgraded bicycle out. The PowerUp! has all the most complicated cabling internal itself so that the process of conversion becomes super easy.

It comes in 2 variants – the PowerUp! lite which corresponds to the 36V BLDC hub motor basic conversion kit; and the PowerUp! Max which corresponds to the 36V BLDC hub motor premium kit.

By positioning itself in the mass conversion kit market, and giving more convenience to potential customers, the PowerUp! proves itself to be an easy buy for the customer and an easy sell for its dealers.

The installation can be carried out in as little as 30 minutes with the most complicated step being the lacing of the motor in the rear wheel. PedalX is also working on offering the conversion kit with the motor pre-installed on a rim the size of your choice.

The PowerUp! is made in India and manufactured in Mumbai. It is patented by PedalX and can only be purchased through partners selected by them. The PedalX PowerUp! electric cycle conversion kit is also available to purchase online.

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