We, PedalX, are lead by the guiding principle of “Quality and customer satisfaction above everything else”. With this motto in mind, we offer our warranty policies.

Repair or replacement of components

To take full advantage of the warranty terms and conditions, it is important to register your product with us within 30 days of its purchase from our website.

  • PowerUp! pack – 1 year repair/replacement warranty on the functioning of the component. 2 year battery health assurance.
  • PowerUp! mounting bracket – 1 year repair/replacement warranty against any manufacturing defect or wear damage due to use (physical damage caused by incorrect usage of component is not covered)
  • Thumb throttle, Pedal assist sensor, brake sensors and PowerUp! charger – 6 months repair/ replacement warranty
  • Motor – 1 year repair/ replacement warranty on the functioning of the component
  • Since all our components are IP54 rated, the user is always protected from any water damage that can happen during rains. Damage due to immersion of products in water will NOT be covered.
  • The warranty does NOT cover corrosive parts, plastic, PVC and rubber components or the accessories adding to the decorative value of the product (e.g. stickers)
  • Since lithium ion batteries have a tendency to degrade with usage and time, a drop in mileage is expected. A regular user can expect to retain 80% range of the PowerUp! at the end of 1 year.

For any component still within its warranty period as defined above, if any manufacturing defects are found in the product, PedalX will repair or replace the defective component with a new component or equivalent at no extra cost. The decision to replace or repair the defective component lies solely with PedalX.

Warranty claim made on individual components will not automatically result in the replacement of all components. Only the faulty components will be repaired/ replaced.

Receiving the product and installation

PedalX recommends its customers to open, install and test the product on receiving it to raise any concerns with the manufacturing quality of the product or any damage that may have occurred during shipping. PedalX customers are entitled to a product that meets their quality expectations and can ask for a replacement on opening the package.

The warranty stands null and void if:

  • Any repair work is carried out by any unauthorized dealer or personnel
  • Any components not sold by PedalX is connected to the PowerUp! by the customer
  • The product faces damage caused by irregular usage of the product by the customer such as physical damage
  • The product is used for stunts, competition or jumping, acrobatics, bicycle moto–cross, dirt biking or similar activities as all units are not designed or intended for such purpose or usage
  • Any kind of tempering observed with the parts/ product
  • The warranty claimant is not the original first purchaser of the product from PedalX
  • Damage caused by an accident or malfunction or misuse caused to the Product by the acts of persons, intentional or otherwise, including but not limited to misuse or mishandling, fire or any act of God
  • Not operated, not charged or maintained as per guidelines

This warranty is valid only within the geographical boundaries of Republic of India. Company reserves the right to change this warranty policy at its sole discretion without any notice. In case of any dispute with the customer, courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute.